Grant is the founder of Vital Living Psychology, a registered Health Psychologist. He holds a PhD which focused on the therapeutic use of self-forgiveness. Other qualifications include a Master Psychology (Health) and (Clinical) and a Master of Education. He is married and father of two.

His practice uses evidence based therapies to assist people to take life action that works. He uses flexible approaches to create alternative responses to problematic thoughts feelings and physical sensations. These evidence based approaches have provided effective transformations in many areas of people’s lives including:

·         Painful thoughts, feelings, memories and internal experiences

·         Self-defeating beliefs and habits

·         Destructive patterns of behaviour

·         Crippling fear, chronic illnesses and pains

Grant has a focus to develop an agreed plan of action during each therapy session. These plans will involve learning and applying new skills in a way that benefits your everyday experiences. Grant wishes to help you take actions that allow you to build a rich and meaningful life.